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Friendly Nation Matches

Post by cheef »

for austria the nationscup is over, but the team isn't thinking about to end it, after we got warm.

i'm looking forward to play some Friendly Nation Matches.
especially against team from Group A.

An Appeal to the Captains:
If your nation members got time and in the mood for Nation Match post here or contact me directly over...

Team Austria:
irc: qnet #aq2.aut
icq: 66551388
cell: only available for juan my sweety :m00:

at least the games should hold at weekend.
with official results and reports.

think about it...
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Post by Clown »

Would you play normal clans?
I don't give a shit.
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Post by bliz »

How about making B-Squads for the National teams? Like Norway-B Sweden-B.. that exists out of players who can't join the A-squad because they're not 1337 enough *giggle*, but can still get an 'honor' to play for their own country on national level.

I am aware of the fact that there aren't many players left in the UK or Austria to realise a B team.. but for countries such as Finland, Sweden, Denmark (Holland, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia?) etc it might be interesting.

If this will be realised someday.. then the matches on a national (higher) level can be held on a more regular basis, instead of playing normal clans like they mostly do now. Hell, if there are enough people willing, then we even could create leagues per season (like in sports: soccer, football). Which would certainly add up to the amount of games played on national level if a sort of league system would be implanted.
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Post by cheef »

Clown wrote:Would you play normal clans?
we already train against clans like a clan does.
somehow we have to improve our teamplay and tactics.

But that isn't interessting for the amount.
and then a kind of video bot (alredy was talk in an other thread here) would be interessting to spectate the game.
also the EAQL finals would be more interessting.
Like Watching a football match live.
maybe the aq2 specialists can do something for the scene.

the b-squad idea sounds interessting. but don't split it up more often like
Under 16 players
under 18 player

Finland, Sweden, Denmark (Holland, Germany, Portugal,) would be sure impressed. and its motivation for the rest.

here in austria it was already hard to get players for the A-squad eeeek O_o
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Post by Evilcina »

Tho this is old...Slovenian team is quite active and would be glad to play vs other nations.We havent played for a long time vs other national teams only clans so if there is any interested ppl that would like to arrange a friendly match we would be happy of their visit on
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Post by Stric »

I know its old but I like Bliz`s idea :D We could get many teams (or not :D ) if there were A, B or C nation teams from Scandinavia for example :)

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Post by Lotus »

I think this is a great idèa
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