Showdown at the Tops' [NEW MAP]

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Showdown at the Tops' [NEW MAP]

Post by HcPeura »

Hell-o woirld.
Me and my buddy I made this little town for myself and in time, also thought you guys would like it.

So as as for any critic, this is my first release, make a note of it, write it down, tattoo it on your face.

Download(thanks hifi):

Pictures: ... oria-1.jpg ... oria-2.jpg ... oria-3.jpg ... oria-4.jpg

Hope you all like it :) There will be many other maps from me in the future for you to 'conquer'.
Thanks to WizardExt and the others, for the marvelous texture-work!
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Post by Stric »

Great map... I like it a lot =)
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Post by SuicidaLP »

nice map (=
good job
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Post by WizardExt »

I like how the outside feels cold and dark, while the interiors look warm and safe. I also like the flow. It's fast with a lot of jumps.

- - -
If it's suppose to be a city, it could use a bit more variation. Different kind of buildings - stores, hotel, restaurants, cinema, offices, night clubs... Right now its just one large building. And because of this, there are no real landmarks.

I feel there is too much roof with no detail and I don't like the tunnels either, due to the same reason - lack of detail. And having same texture for the street and the sidewalks doesn't work well.
- - -

Nice work, cool to see a new map. Very good first release. Looking forward to your upcoming maps.
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Post by Beavisss »

Upload screenshots again please
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Post by Lotus »

Upload the map again please
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Post by Evilcina »

Can someone re-upload this map?
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