Greetings from the past...

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Greetings from the past...

Post by TRippA »

Hi ppl,
i played aq2 from the beginning in 1999 ( or 98 ...i am not so sure about dates) until somthing about late 2004.
And as most of you guys, the game gave me the thrills, but eventually i moved on..
Anyway, i dont know why, but i cant stop thinking about the joy i had from this game, so i decided to search for a still active scene and came over this site. Its nice to see that there are still people playing this game and the scene is not dead...yet(?).

I am german, so it would be nice to reconnect with some players of that time, if they are still playing and not lost (like i was ..) to some mmo;).

My own clan gave up some time ago, hosting one of the last (or even the last?) german right now i am looking for some servers, guys or simply nice chats about the past. Probably most of you guys never heard about me since i stopped playing a long time ago and i was mainly in the german scene, but hey...who knows.

So if there are still old friends ( or enemys ;) or just random ppl that like to explain some old rabbit whats going on in the aq2 world, would be nice to install this shit and play it a little again.

greetings from southern germany.
=DA= T.Rippa ...formerly death angels clan
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Post by Evilcina »

Theres still some germans left at #action.ger, I think thats their channel.Those are mostly old players so u will know em, at least I know tommics was there.
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Post by minchiano »

Ahh, good old DA servers... had some runs there back in whenever playing the four (five?) RH-maps and whatnot. Good times :)
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Post by stan0x »

hehe dont worry i remember u :P

if u want to find server. go to

#clan.fubar #narf #heks #aq2world
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Post by Daywalker »

Hey TRippA,

lad dir einfach mal Mirc herunter und geh dort ins quakenet und dann in den Channel #action.ger oder #aq2.ger. Wir sind meistens abends so ab 18.00h Online und zocken noch Aq2.
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Post by Da^JuaN »

Hi Rippa!

Of course I still remember you :) Good old =DA= times back in the days. I'm playing very occasionally myself, but sure let's have a game some day soon! Too bad the DA server isnt around indeed, lots of joy on there.

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